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All projects need their own communication strategy and they need to be adapted to their target groups and purposes. The projects listed below are examples of different narratives but with the common goal to enlighten the audience of the world we all live in.

The Quest for Cinchona

The bark of the South American Cinchona tree has saved most human life in world history by containing the drug used in the fight against Malaria. Join the fantastic journey in search of the historic tree, together with a team of Danish botanists.

Target group: High School students

Produced in collaboration with Professor Nina Rønsted, Danish Museum of Natural History


When the ground is contaminated by salt

Saltwater pollution of our groundwater is a growing global problem for coastal areas. But in Zambia, which is in the middle of South Africa, they also struggle with salt in the groundwater. Hear about the natural explanation for it and about the significance it has for the Zambian population.

Target group: Elementary School (7.-9. grade)

Produced in collaboration with GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Together on History

History teaching in the Danish primary school must be even better than it is today. By educating history teachers, and by teaching students how they themselves are historical, we gain a stronger historical awareness in our society.

Target group: History teachers

Produced in collaboration with HistorieLab, Jelling