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Enhancement Technologies and the Modern Self

Many people feel uneasy about enhancement technologies, yet have a hard time explaining why. This unease is often less with the technolo- gies themselves than about the desires and aspirations that they ex- press. I suggest here that we can diagnose the source of that unease by looking at three themes that emerge in Taylor’s writings about the making of the modern self: the importance of social recognition, the ethics of authenticity, and the rise of instrumental reason.

“Self-optimization”: a scandalous type

On a trendy term that even academia uses in an emotionalized and functionalized way – as happened with “Waldsterben” (forest dieback) some years ago.

Tidsskriftet Antropologi nr. 70

Forfattere: Dorthe Brogård Kristensen, Margit Anne Petersen, Barbara Ann Barrett, Astrid Grue og Asger Fihl